Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A Little Valentine's Mark. Video Project

Good Morning!

Although it looks cold and dreary outside, I’m inside feeling bright and cheery!  I’m sure the coffee and upbeat gospel music I’m playing in the background isn’t hurting any. Hehe

Since Valentine’s Day is right around the corner I decided to work on a small project that would help me promote mark., as well as help me learn more about videos and video editing.  I love learning new things, and am just now learning the basics of putting a video together… another creative outlet!

Before you take a look at my imperfect little video I should talk about mark., first.

I first joined mark. as a representative in August 2011 when I was looking for a fun way to make extra money.  What caught my attention with mark. was that not only were they a ‘sister’ company of the EVER FAMOUS Avon, but their incentive seemed pretty SIMPLE.  There were no quotas to meet like so many others. 
Here’s the simplicity of it all –
Sign up as a rep for $20 and receive a starter kit worth $100.
 As a rep, I now receive a 30% discount for a lifetime… unless I bow out as a rep, of course.
I get my own free e-boutique for others to shop.
ANYTHING I sell I receive a 30% profit.  That’s it!  No minimum purchase required.

So!  Not only did the whole idea seem simple enough for me tackle, but I love fashion and makeup (as a lot of ladies do)!  The only downfall to signing up as a mark. rep is the fact that I’ve fallen in love with their products.  Now I wanna buy this, and this, and that, and… lol

In all, mark. is a great company to represent.  You will not only gain new skills being an entrepreneur, but you’re able to spread your wings and soar with all kinds of creative and fun ideas to grow your business.

[Again, I can’t express this enough! I am totally new at making videos and have lots of imperfections & mistakes throughout.  And whenever I get in front of the camera I stumble all over my words… I gotta work on that!  Ha ha Please be kind.]

Please feel free to comment below and share something creative about you or your day.
Have a Happy Valentine's Day everyone!  And remember to tell those in your life how much you love them!
Create a Dynamical Day! <3